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Coliseum Imaging is the Kansas City Metro area’s leading provider of MRI services.  We offer the highest quality MRI scans available, providing both 3 Tesla and High Field Open 1.2 Tesla imaging services, as well as MR Arthrogram and fluoroscopic guided pain injection procedures.

We believe in providing our community an affordable option for MRI services.  We stand behind our excellent customer service, world class patient care and building relationships with our referring providers.  We believe in providing the best possible patient outcome through coordination of care with referring providers. We provide expedited scheduling and offer same day appointments when possible.  We have a 24 hour turn around on providing exam results to our referring physicians.

Coliseum Imaging Center 251.2 Tesla

Hitachi’s state-of-the-art high field, open magnet provides image quality comparable to 1.5 T magnets.  Our magnet caters to patients who might have anxiety issues, deal with claustrophobia or whose body habitus might prevent them from having a traditional closed MRI scan. 


Coliseum Imaging Center 83 Tesla

Coliseum is the first outpatient imaging center in the metro area to offer 3T MRI services. Tesla is the unit of measurement quantifying the strength of a magnetic field.  A 3T MRI provides improved signal, which allow for higher image resolution and yields exceptional image detail.  This benefits the patient by providing improved image quality to the referring provider and can be helpful in the diagnosis process.