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What is an MRI (Magnet Resonance Imaging)?

MRI is an imaging modality that combines a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the anatomy.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging is helpful in revealing abnormalities and injuries that other imaging modalities cannot demonstrate. 

How long will my exam take?

Many MRI procedures can be completed within 30 minutes.  Some exams can last up to an hour if contrast administration is requested.

What should I expect during the procedure?

You can expect loud ticks and clicks caused by the radio pulses during the exam sequences. Headphones and/or ear plugs will be provided – Coliseum Imaging also offers music to help cover noise. The technologist will request you stay as still as possible during the scan to limit any motion artifact.  

When should my doctor get the results?

Your physician will normally receive your results within 24 hours – in many cases they will receive the reports the same day you have your scan.

What should I wear for the exam?

Dress comfortably for your exam.  Limit any clothing that has metal zippers or buttons.

How does the MRI scheduling process work?

Click here to read about our MRI scheduling process.